Kevin Kaiser

I'm a 22 year-old student at the UMKC School of Dentistry. Previously, I attend the University of Missouri - Columbia where I majored in Biological Sciences while obtaining a minor in Business and graduated with University Honors (Latin honors - Magna Cum Laude, Departmental honors, and the Honors certificate).

My girlfriend, Megan, and I love to travel. We also love trying to find local restaurants that have exceptional food.

My passion outside of dentistry is triathlon. I love training to give myself a mental break from the rigors of dental school and there is no better feeling that competing in a race. You can check out all my races here.

At Mizzou, you could have found me spending some late nights in the lab, as I researched the regulation of the MAPK scaffold KSR-1 in T-cells during the selection process, with my mentor Dr. Mark Daniels. I presented a poster on my research which you can check out.

My third passion is entrepreneurship. In middle school, I started a small lawn business which grew into 15 regular customers plus various projects. I recently closed that business to focus on my schooling and other endeavors but this really sparked my interest in starting/owning my own business as a dentist after school.

I work with a startup venture company as VP of Marketing at The experience of building a company from the ground up is one that I am proud to participate in and love the life-long friends it has given me. And that makes me only more excited about starting my own practice after dental school and creating more relationships.

Find Me

You can find me physically in Kansas City at school, work, volunteering or a dental office.

If you're looking for more information about me or want to meet up, feel free to contact me: me {at} kevinckaiser dot com.

Also, you can find me on twitter as @kevinckaiser. Or you can find me keeping up with friends and coworkers on Facebook and LinkedIn. Hit me up to talk about dentistry, entrepreneurship, or that awesome restaurant you ate at last night.